​Hefei (Hofei)

Hefei (Hofei)

Hefei, or Hofei, or 合肥 in Chinese, is the capital of Anhui Province, just to the east of Shanghai, and the coastal Provinces of Zhejiang and Jiangsu. The total area of Hefei is7, 266 square kilometers including an urban area of 130 square kilometers. The population of Hefei is 4. 6 million, of which about 1. 3 million are urban. Its coldest weather in January is-1 ℃ and its hottest in July and August is 33 ℃.
The city is a junction for land and water traffic. Ancient Hefei was located further north than the modern city. Because of its strategic location numerous battles were fought here in ancient times. At the time of the Three Kingdoms (220-265 AD), Hefei was the military mainstay of the Wei Kingdom. The greatly outnumbered troops of the legendary Cao Cao beat the troops of Sun Quan thanks to an ingenious strategy. During the Sui and Tang Dynasties, Hefei became part of the Lu Prefecture and was called Luzhou. During the Southern Song Dynasty, it became the center of defense against the Jin invaders.
From an economic point of view, Hefei was always a trading town, a market place for agricultural products and a center of handicraft industries.
Today, Hefei is an aspiring industrial city with various plants of light and heavy industry light industry holds the leading position. It amounts to about two-thirds of the gross production value. Reports from the Anhui Science and Technology Department say that the National Ministry of Science and Technology has approved a scheme making Hefei a pilot city of scientific and technological innovation. It is common knowledge that the preparation work is ongoing, therefore
Hefei will be the 1st sci-tech pilot city in China. Hefei and Anhui are becoming increasingly more attractive to foreign investors due to its close proximity to both Shanghai and Nanjing and its lower production and operating costs. Hefei is the tourist center of Anhui Province. Its main scenic spots are as follows