Shaman Festival in Qinghai Repgong, China.

Shaman Festival in Qinghai Repgong, China

Shaman Festival is in a traditional local celebration in winter in Qinghai Repgong County. It is 20th of November for Chinese lunar calendar, so it is 18th December in 2016.
According to the local tradition, Nianduhu Village has been keeping this festival for hundreds of years. It is kind of sacrifice to the Erlangsheng God, and it is a must to dance Wuyu Dance (於菟) during the celebration. Wuyu was a term for tiger from Chu Kingdom 2200 years ago , so that it is certain this dance was from Modern Hubei Province that used to be Chu Kingdom. The sacrifice used to be popular in Qinghai for Tu and Tibetan people, and only Nianduhu Village still celebrate it nowadays. They will paint tiger patterns on the skin of man and dance, jump over the fire, wish the peaceful life and harvest next year.
It is nice to visit here to view the unique culture in Qinghai China for your China holiday tour.