Lhasa & Tsedang Explore 6D

  • Price : US$2659.00
  • Lhasa and Tsedang are old and new capital for Tibet, this 6-day tour will let you explore the colorful tempples, market and enjoy the plateau landscape.

Gourmet Silk Road

  • Price : US$4699.00
  • Taste various delicious local food on the Silk Road including Muslim, Budhism, and Chinese cuisine. While traveling, you can learn how to cook as well.

Silk Road Spectacular

  • Price : US$3999.00
  • This tour will let you travel from modern Shanghai to old Kashgar , enjoying the contrast between the developed rich cities to the developing countryside.

Trek Muztagh-ata Peak

  • Price : US$8989.00
  • Muztagh-ata Peak is located in Kashgar, Xinjiang, China, and callesd the Cradle of Climbers. Trekking Around Muztagh-ata Peak offers opportunity to conquer the well-known snow-covered mountain.

The Route of Xuanzang

  • Price : US$3579.00
  • Monk Xuanzang was one of the most famous figures on the Ancient Silk Road. We will follow his footprint to travel along the famous Silk Road, acquiring the first-hand story.

Panda Explore

  • Price : US$2899.00
  • Panda Explore from Beijing to Shanghai is ideal for those who would like work as volunteer in the pander base to help pandas while exploring the diversity of China.

Silk Road Urumqi to Jiayuguan 7D

  • Price : US$1999.00
  • This 7-day classic private tour takes you to explore Chinese section of ancient Silk Road northern route from Urumqi to Dunhuang. You will witness the changes happend here.

China Encompass

  • Price : US$3200.00
  • China Encompassed, from Beijing to Hong Kong, is ideal to learn the vast land by immersing into the authentic life of the country from cities to countryside.

Grottos on the Silk Road

  • Price : US$3999.00
  • There are various grottos on the Silk Road to witnessed the changes of time, while Buddha is always there to bless believers.

Discover Silk Road

  • Price : US$3669.00
  • This tour, China Silk Road Beijing to Kashgar, offers a birdview of the well-known route between east and west in 15 days.