Hexi Corridor Explore

  • Price : US$2909.00
  • This 7-Day tour will let you explore Hexi Corridor in Gansu Province on the ancient Silk Road to view Mogao Caves, Jiayuguan Fort, Overgangning Great Wall, Zhangye Danxia Mountain, Mati Monastery, Singing Sand Dunes etc.

Trip Xian To Kashgar 8D

  • Price : US$2438.00
  • This 7-night Silk Road private tour takes you to explore the Chinese section of ancient Silk Road from Xian to Kashgar. You will travel to Xian, Dunhuang, Turpan, Urumqi and Kashgar.

Imposing China

  • Price : US$3689.00
  • This trip starts from Beijing, then Xi’an, Chengdu, Three Gorges and Shanghai to explore Great Wall, Terra Cottar Warriors, Pandas, cruising on the Three Gorges of Yangtze River, and Shanghai Bund, which are the imposing sites of China.

Beijing to Lhasa Spectacular

  • Price : US$2899.00
  • Beijing to Lhasa train offers a special view of the country, enjoying the splendid mountain scenery. Lhasa will impress you with Tibetan Buddhism.

Tibet Classic

  • Price : US$2589.00
  • This tour will let you explore the best part of Tibet in 8 days including Potala Palace, Shigatse, Sakya, Everest Base Camp with professional Tibetan tour guide.

Essential Silk Road

  • Price : US$4599.00
  • Dunhuang, Turpan, Urumqi and Kashgar are the key towns on the Silk Road in China, exploring the historical oasis towns to acquire the first-hand experience.

Muslim Silk Road

  • Price : US$3399.00
  • This Muslim Silk Road offers a special perspective to learn the traditional culture of different Chinese Muslims including Hui, Uyghur, Kazak etc. on the ancient Silk Road.

Xinjiang Encompass

  • Price : US$3999.00
  • Xinjiang Encompass is an ideal tour for those who like to explore the full sites of Xinjiang, the biggest province in China, explore the relics on the Silk Road.

China Silk & Fabric Tour

  • Price : US$6599.00
  • Silk originated from China. This special Silk and Fabric tour will let you explore the Silk and Fabric in China from Shanghai to Hangzhou, Guizhou, Yunnan, Tibet, Xian and Beijing to acquire unique knowledge in China.

Multi-country Silk Road

  • Price : US$7599.00
  • The fantastic trip starts from the Central Asia, Tashkent to Beijing, travelling on the path of the ancient Silk Road ro retrospect the traditional life style.