Classic China

Fujian Explore 7 Days

  • Price : US$1388.00
  • Fujian is well-known for Mt Wuyi and Tulou, a UNESCO site, and Gulangyu Island. This 7-day tour will let you explore Fujian province with these must-see sites and taste local food, learn the Hakka culture etc.

Taste of China

  • Price : US$2699.00
  • This 8-day tour Taste of China from Beijing to Shanghai offers a quick view of the classic cities in China to acquire the first-hand and authentic experience.

Hong Kong to Yangshuo

  • Price : US$1890.00
  • It is a best chance to explore Southern China in short time from the bustle Hong Kong, then move to Guanzghou to enjoy the wonderful Cantonese culture; afterwards transfer to Yangshuo to indulge into the picturesque river and mountain view.

Lhasa & Tsedang Explore 6D

  • Price : US$2659.00
  • Lhasa and Tsedang are old and new capital for Tibet, this 6-day tour will let you explore the colorful tempples, market and enjoy the plateau landscape.

Panda Explore

  • Price : US$2899.00
  • Panda Explore from Beijing to Shanghai is ideal for those who would like work as volunteer in the pander base to help pandas while exploring the diversity of China.

China Encompass

  • Price : US$3200.00
  • China Encompassed, from Beijing to Hong Kong, is ideal to learn the vast land by immersing into the authentic life of the country from cities to countryside.

Beijing to Lhasa Spectacular

  • Price : US$2899.00
  • Beijing to Lhasa train offers a special view of the country, enjoying the splendid mountain scenery. Lhasa will impress you with Tibetan Buddhism.

Tibet Classic

  • Price : US$2589.00
  • This tour will let you explore the best part of Tibet in 8 days including Potala Palace, Shigatse, Sakya, Everest Base Camp with professional Tibetan tour guide.

China Classic

  • Price : US$1899.00
  • Explore Beijing, Shanghai and Xian in 7 days with a reasonable price, it is ideal for those who would like to travel to China in a quick time.

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