Silk Road Countries

Countries on the Silk Road

On the long Silk Road, there are many countries including China, Turkey etc. 

Start of the Silk Road. It has long history which can be traced back 5000 years ago. Nowadays it is very important country in the world. Meanwhile it attacts millions tourists coming to China to explore its splendid culture and sightseeing.

It is a biggest inland country in the world. In the history, Kyrghyzstan linked China and Russia via Silk Road.

Well-preserved architecture and grand mosques will be big surprise for anyone who travels there. 

When we talk about the Ancient Asia, we will never forget India which has its own fantastic culture and ethnic groups to be one of the pupolar tourists countries in Asia.

Turkey is the only country acrossing Asia and Europe. It had played such strategic role along the Silk Road. You will be impressed when you travel there to explore imposing views.

The ancient Peria is Iran in Asia. It is still very interesting to view the ancient sites and heritages in this Moslim country,

Iraq has very long and splendid history in the history. However, the upheaval happens there, you need to be very brave to travel there. Hence you are advised to postpone your travel plan if you desire to tour in Iraq now.