Emei Mountain


Emei (beautiful or elegant) mountain is famous for its imposing mountain view and its splendid Buddhist culture. There are many monasteries located on the mountain peaceful and serene for thousand years. At the base of the mountain is Emei city, which has been heavily touristed in the last 15 years. Hence it is very easy to find your suitable accommodation from guesthouse or 5-star hotels. You can hike in the mountains, or stay  in the monastery to acquire unforgettable experience, or walking tour to nearby ancient village that is off path, we can offer different trips for you in Emei. Warning: Please keep off the monkeys as they will grab bottle water and food from your bag, and they hurt travelers every year.

Major Attractions
Baoguo Monastery

Located on the base of Emei mountain, Baoguo Moastery is one of the biggest monasteries in Emei. It is an alive temple with many monks pray everyday. You can stay in the dormitory in this temple. 

Wannian Monastery
Located near Wangniansi Cable car station, it is one of the oldest temples in China with the history of over 1500 years. There are gate, Maitrya Hall, Brick Hall, Lofty Precious Hall and the Main Hall, 

Fuhu Monastery
It is a nunnery nowadays after many years construction, less tourist though only 20 mins walk from Wannian Monastery.

Jingding Summit
Wish altitude 3077m, Jinding(Gold and top) Summit is the highest spot of Emei Mountain where it is the best place to view the sun-rising, though it is very hard to view the sun-rising as there is always thick clouds, hence it is says it is destined if you can view the sun-rising on the Jinding Summit.