Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang Province, is situated on the coast of eastern China with the population about 9 million. The saying goes that Suzhou and Hangzhou is comparable with the paradise.
In the history, Hangzhou was the capital for the Wu kingdom, and famous for the silk business and its beautiful scenery. There are silk, tea, rice etc. which are well-known in China, particularly Hangzhou Silk and Longjing Tea. Hangzhou Silk has a history that can be traced back to Qin dynasty about 2200 years ago. Longjing Tea is one of the most popular Chinese green teas, has a history more than 1200 years. The best Longjing Tea is planted in Longjing Village located west of West Lake.
Today Hangzhou is attracting lots of travelers to come for visiting the UNESCO site West Lake, Lingying Temple, Grand Canal and Liuhe Pagoda.

Major Attractions
West Lake 西湖

The City is built around the lake that is very popular for Chinese as it is picturesque in different seasons. There are lots of legendries about here, one of them is the white snake and a man called Xuxian, a very touching and sad Chinese story.

Lingying Temple 灵隐寺
It is also called Yunlin Temple, was originally constructed in 326 A.D and rebuilt many time in the history. There are halls for Bhudda and Arhats. Another very impressive site near Linging Temple is Flying Peak Sculptures.

Longjing Village 龙井村
It is a small village but planted the most popular Longjing green tea so that it attracts many travelers to explore. The legendary goes that there was a magic well that offers the magic water to irrigate the tea, hence the village got the privilege to produce that high quality green tea. Travelers still have opportunity to view the magic well while visiting there.