Luoyang 洛阳

Luoyang, located in the middle of Yellow River, is a very important city of Henan Province. It is one of the seven ancient capitals in China as being the capital for 13 dynasties in Chinese history. There are Longmeng Caves, White Horse Temple that are attractions in Luoyang. Meanwhile Luoyang is also famous for peony, there is a peony festival in April every year.
It takes about 2 hours conveniently from Luoyang to Sholin Temple that is home for Shaolin Kungfu.

Major Attractions:
Longmen Caves

Located by the Yi river, Longmeng Caves have more than 1300 caves where there are Buddha statues, sculpture, frescos and niche for Buddha.  The history here can be traced back to 1500 years ago, though lots of sculptures are damaged in the long past time, we still can view the elegant Buddha and Bodhisattva statue that created mostly in Tang Dynasty. The biggest statue is 17.14m, and the smallest one is only 2cm.

White Horse Temple
White Horse Temple is the first Buddhism Temple in China which was constructed 68 A.D. by emperor Liuzhuang in Han Dynasty. There are stele and pagodas in the temple that has history more than 1000 years with the well-preserved hardwiring by famous scholars in the history.