Mount Huangshan

Mount Huangshan(Yellow Mountain黄山)

Mount Huangshan was inscribed on the list of World Heritage in 1990 by UNESCO. 
Huangshan, Yellow Mountain in Chinese, was named after Huangdi(Yellow Emperor). The Chinese traditional legend goes that the Yellow Emperor picked up herbs and made the herbal medicines here, that is why the mountain name originated.     
Huangshan, known as the Prettest mountain of China, is renowned for its four wonders that are  
peculiarly-shaped granite rocks, Huangshan pines, hot springs, and clouds sea.
Huangshan has always been fascinated by for visitors, poets, painters and photographers since ancient time. Huangshan is also the famous place for Chinese teas of high quality, such as Huangshan Maofeng, Keemun Black, and Blooming Tea. As one of China's major tourist destinations, there are some hotels on the mountains that can offer all kinds of standards accommodation for the visitors who can enjoy the possibility to view the fantastic sun-set or sun rising on the top of Mount Huangshan. It is a best place to hike while travel to China.
There are 4 cable car routes on the Mount Huangshan. It is suggested to take Yungu Temple Cable Car go up, and walk to front mountain where to take Yuping Cable car down. However, it is very busy in summer for the cable cars, you have to wait quote long time sometimes.  

Mountain Huangshan Open Time:
6:30—16:30 (Weekday and Sunday)
6:00—16:30 (Saturday)

Entrance fee:
March to November is CNY230.00 per ticket
December to February is CNY150.00 per ticket