Yin Xu

In 2006, Yin Xu was inscribed on the list of World Heritage by UNESCO.
Yin Xu, located in the Village Xiaotun, Henan Province, China, is a well-preserved site for the ancient capital of latter Shang Dynasty(3300 year ago). In 1899, scholar Wang Yirong had discovered the words on the turtle shell which was supposed to be the medicine. Later on, the archaeologists found the carved turtles shell were from Village Xiaotun, and then excavated the ruin of later Shang Dynasty,
Covered an area of about 30 square kilometer, Yin Xu is divided into Palace, Royal Tombs, cemetery, workshops, civilian residential houses, and slave residential houses. The most import thing in the Yin Xu museum is the oracle, which is the inscriptions on the bones of tortoise shells, recording the ancient documents including religion, sacrifice, tax, war, revenue etc. Oracle, one of the four ancients writings, is the origin of modern Chinese characteristics, and we still can tell the changes form oracle to modern Chinese.
Fuhao Tomb, located 100m away from Village Xiaotun,is renowned for the bronze burial objects. The tomb is the only one concluded from oracle record to know its hostess. There are plenty of burial objects excavated here, including jade, stool, vessels, weapons, etc., of which, Simuwu bronze vat is the biggest one. 

Open hour
April to September  8:00—18:30
October to March  8:00—17:00

Entrance fee

CNY90 per person