On the east coast of Eurasia and the southern tip of Liaodong peninsula in northeast China, with the Yellow Sea on the east, Bohai Sea on the west, Dalian is facing the Shandong peninsula across the sea on the south and backed up by the vast Northeast on the north. It is an import port as well as a trade, industrial and tourism city.
Dalian lies in the Northern Hemisphere' warm temperate climate zone and has both a and warm temperate continental monsoon climate. Thus, while the city has four distinct seasons, winters are not bitterly cold and summers are not excessively hot.
Surrounded by the Yellow Sea and the inland Bohai Sea, Dalian has rich manrine resources. The seafood in Dalian is equal to its southern couterpart in Guangdong Province and numerous restaurants in the city provide a wide variety of top-quality seafood at very reasonable prices. Numerous bathing places and beaches in the city are popular venues for Dalian's locals to relax from everyday work and stress. Young people like those in many other metropolitan cities in Chin follow the latest trends and spend their evenings in bars and pubs throughout the city.
Dalian is characterized as "a city built in gardens", on account of its amazing world of green lawns, fountains, gardens, squares, forest parks and seaside scenic spots. These places provide Dalian with its unique urban layout in which its buildings are centered around and radiate outward from the city's numerous squares. Dalian's architectural characteristics can be traced back to colonial periods of 19th century, when the Russian and Japanese colonists dreamed of establishing a city of their own here. A group of Russian architects fascinated with French culture came to Dalian with their construction blueprint of Paris and built all sorts of elegant squares with artistic sculptures, lawns and western-style fountains.
Another trait that Dalian boasts is a carnival event which is called Dalian International Fashion Festival. During this festival thousands of dazzling celebrities, designers, pop stars and clothing merchants from both home and abroad get together to present an In-Fashion feast to the world.
Consequently Dalian stirs shopping lovers' blood with all sorts of skyscraper shopping malls an markets. The visitor who is lucky enough to come to the city around September will be delighted by veritable sea of world the city around September will be delighted by veritable sea of world class fashion brands.