Adventure Shanghai to Lhasa 17D

  • Price : US$4999.00
  • This 17-Day tour weaves Shanghai, Mogao Grottoes, Lhasa, Everest Camp Base, Panda Base in Chengdu, and Hong Kong. Explore the colorful culture and wonderful sites with local people.

Taklimakan Desert Adventure

  • Price : US$6880.00
  • Taklimakan Desert is the biggest desert in China, located in Southern Xinjiang. It is an unusual experience to hike in it to acqure the knowledge about the amazing nature in the world.

Taste of China

  • Price : US$2699.00
  • This 8-day tour Taste of China from Beijing to Shanghai offers a quick view of the classic cities in China to acquire the first-hand and authentic experience.

Budget Kashgar to Dunhuang 7D

  • Price : US$1489.00
  • This 7-day Silk Road tour takes you to explore the Chinese section of ancient Silk Road from Kashgar to Dunhuang on Budget by taking car, hard sleeper etc. You will travel to Kashgar, Turpan, Heavenly Lake, Dunhuang etc. It is ideal tour for a quick visitor.

Xian to Beijing 4D

  • Price : US$759.00
  • This 4 days extension tour on the Silk Road takes you from Xian to Beijing to explore the well-known Forbidden City and Great Wall etc. It is ideal to combine tours flexibly so that you will have more options to travel around.

Cruise Chongqing/Yichang 3D/2N

  • Price : US$299.00
  • This budget 4-star cruise on the Yangtze River sails through Three Gorges to view the stunning mountains, imposing river, big dam etc. in 3 days.

7-Day Kashgar to Jiayuguan

  • Price : US$2999.00
  • This wonderful tour will let you explore all must-see sites on the ancient China Silk Road from Kashgar to Jiayuguan in 7 days to learn the fantastic history.

Hong Kong to Yangshuo 6D

  • Price : US$1890.00
  • It is a best chance to explore Southern China in short time from the bustle Hong Kong, then move to Guanzghou to enjoy the wonderful Cantonese culture; afterwards transfer to Yangshuo to indulge into the picturesque river and mountain view.

K2 Expedition

  • Price : US$10888.00
  • K2 is the second highest summit in the world after Everest with an altitude of 8612 meters. This tour will let you explore the amazing peak in northern part of K2 in Xinjiang China.