Special Silk Road

Gourmet Silk Road

  • Price : US$3699.00
  • This tour will let you taste various delicious local food on the ancient Silk Road including Muslim, Buddhism, and Chinese cuisine. While traveling, you will learn how to cook as well.

Grottos on the Silk Road

  • Price : US$3599.00
  • There are various grottos on the Silk Road to witnessed the changes of time, while Buddha is always there to bless believers.

Muslim Silk Road

  • Price : US$3399.00
  • This Muslim Silk Road offers a special perspective to learn the traditional culture of different Chinese Muslims including Hui, Uyghur, Kazak etc. on the ancient Silk Road.

China Silk & Fabric Tour

  • Price : US$4599.00
  • Silk originated from China. This special Silk and Fabric tour will let you explore the Silk and Fabric in China from Shanghai to Hangzhou, Guizhou, Yunnan, Tibet, Xian and Beijing to acquire unique knowledge in China.

Nomad Livestock Transfer

  • Price : US$2699.00
  • View the imposing livestock transfer by the nomad people in Northern Xinjiang, which happens in Autumn and Spring. You might not see it in the future.

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