Dear travelers, Silkroadtrips have launched our new website www.schinatour.com ​ to offer day tours, short vacations, and getaways in China. As we used new booking engine that allows you book and pay on-line with a few clicks, it is a nice experience to book simply, and travel easily. S.ChinTour is our branch brand to guide you with our professional staff and interesting activities including lay over trips, night tours, bullet train tours, flight tours, and hiking tour etc. You can pay the tour on-line with your card via PayPal. If you do not have PayPal account, you click Pay With Card on the bottom, then you will jump to pay it with your card, which is easy and safe. Please go and jump into the web site www.schinatour.com​ to explore your tours. You are definitely welcome for any questions, please email us info@silkroadtrips.com, info@schinatour.com. Or you can click the Chat Now on our web leave your message, we will get back to you shortly. Wish you a great trip!

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Silk Road Trips can book different trains linked to almost every town and city in China and neighor countries, Kazakhstan, Kyrghyztan and Russia etc.